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Madison Area Gluten Intolerance Chapter

About Us

Celebrate a delicious, healthy life by joining MAGIC - your local connection to gluten-free food, resources, and people. As a member, you will receive our monthly newsletter, access to all MAGIC meetings and activities, and positive, friendly help to get you started living gluten-free.


Dues for Existing Members: Membership dues are $15 annually, and are due September 1st.
Dues for New Members: Dues are prorated based upon the month you join.

Between 3/1 and 8/31 - $10.00
Between 9/1 and 2/28 - $15.00

New members receive a special packet with:

Please contact our New Member Coordinators and read our New Member Brochure for more information.

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President: Dan Roeske

Secretary: Alicia Fritter

Newsletter Editor: Ronda Solberg

Treasurer: Roberta Gonzalez

New Member Coordinators: Debbie Collins and Harriet McGaffin

Food Pantry Coordinator: Nancy Spencer

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Web Team

Web team members are Aaron Avery, Judy Haight and Ronda Solberg. Please email us at webmaster to report problems using this site.

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