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Madison Area Gluten Intolerance Chapter

Meetings and Events

Members meet on the second Saturday of each month, from 10 am to Noon (except in January and August) at the Prairie Park Apartments. The address is 6530 Schroeder Road. The building is on the corner of Schroeder and Struck, just south of the Post Office. Please arrive early as the entry way is security locked.

We enjoy a variety of activities, including updates on research news and celiac disease in the media, speakers from the medical community, opportunities to try new gluten-free products, recipe sharing, and potluck celebrations.

2015 Meeting Schedule

Saturday, April 11
Saturday, May 9

Upcoming MAGIC Meetings and Events

Saturday, April 11 - Guest: Daryl Sisson of Daisy Cafe

Daisy Cafe has been gluten-free friendly for many years. Currently much of their menu is gluten-free friendly with dairy-free options as well. Daryl's wife, Karen, is gluten free. He will talk about serving gluten free and the challenges of doing that when not every menu item is GF. He is also interested in getting our feedback on what we look for in places to eat.

Food Pantry Items Needed:    Please consider bringing a gluten free item to donate to the food pantry. They can take everything GF such as mixes, soups, pasta, cereal, breads, crackers, rice. Baking mixes and foods that kids enjoy are particularly appreciated.

Upcoming Community and Other Events

The following events are listed as a service to members. They are neither sponsored by nor endorsed by MAGIC.

Friday, May 1, 6:00 - 10:00 pm    Spring Flours Gluten-Free Gala

This is a dinner event including gluten free beverages, hors d'ouevres, soup course, salad course, entree and sides, dessert and fresh breads. More information and Purchase tickets on-line. Discounted tickets available until April 1, 2015.