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Madison Area Gluten Intolerance Chapter

Madrid Tortilla

Makes 6-8 portions.

2 cups baking potatoes, diced or use precut hash browns (Simply Potatoes by Crystal Farms)

2 cups onions, diced
6-8 eggs (see discussion below about pan size)
4 tbsp. olive oil
Salt and pepper to taste

Cook diced potatoes in 10 or 12 inch skillet with 3 tablespoons of oil. Hash browns need a bit more oil. When cooked to brown edges, pour out into a bowl.

Add remaining oil to skillet & add onions. Fry until onions are clear with light brown edges. Dump these into the bowl with potatoes and fluff a bit to cool them.

Crack eggs into another bowl, add salt & pepper. Beat lightly.

Add remaining 1/2 tablespoon oil to skillet, heat to medium-high.

Meanwhile - Add the egg mix to the potato/onion mix and toss gently until completely mixed. Pour into the hot skillet and let cook for approx. 20 minutes, lowering heat if appropriate. Cook until the bottom is browned and the top is well set.

Flip onto a plate or rimless pan. Slide the tortilla back into the skillet, using a bit more oil if needed. Cook for 15-20 minutes until the new bottom is brown.

Turn out onto a platter. May be served immediately or cooled to room temperature. If served warm, melted cheese sauce or grated cheese is good on top. Serves 4 as a main dish, or as an appetizer, you could please 10-16 people.

Great for hikes - chill in refrigerator overnight and cut into serving size, then wrap for individual servings.

Note on pan size: A standard 10" skillet is about right, but the commercial hash browns recipe calls for a 12" skillet. The larger tortilla will cook a bit faster. If eggs are extra-large, consider using a smaller number.

The platter can be your flipping plate. Wash it between uses so there are no concerns about partially-cooked eggs